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We Need Students to Study Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

From an economic and ‘careers’ perspective, our post-pandemic world will have a growing need for AI-literate workers. Many traditional businesses are now discovering new and increasing value by leveraging AI as a basic function. Today’s students should be encouraged from a young age to consider STEM careers, and provided the basic access to the skills required.

“For all children, the basic knowledge and understanding necessary to navigate an AI-driven world will be essential.” – David Touretzky, Research Professor of Computer Science and the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition at Carnegie Mellon University; and Founder,

New technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence will touch nearly every aspect of life and work in the future.

Technologies will continue to evolve and as they do our lives will change. We will need to learn new things, the types of jobs we hold will change and daily lives will shift.

Big changes in technologies will persist. ASPIRE2050 is here to equip our young people, educators, and systems at large in preparation for the future.


We have an unwavering, unflinching, unconventional dedication to education.

We believe that education is the only true way of improving people’s lives and making tomorrow better than today.

We believe in the power of big ideas and technology.

We believe in science.

We believe in art.

We believe in equipping all students with tools and opportunities so that they will have choices for their future.

Child working with a robot

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